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What is Svaraksha Kala?

Svaraksha kala is the art of self-defence born from womb of various martial arts to train the army and civilian. It is based on a scientific and realistic approach to escape the dangerous or life threatning scenario. 

svaraksha kala

Why Self-defence Now a Days?

Self-defence is still relevant in today’s world because unfortunately, violence and crime can happen anywhere and at any time. In some situations, knowing how to defend yourself can be crucial for protecting yourself and others from harm.

While we often think of physical violence as the primary reason for learning self-defence, it’s important to note that there are many other forms of violence that can occur in daily life, such as verbal abuse, cyberbullying, and sexual harassment. Learning self-defence can help individuals feel more empowered and prepared to handle these types of situations.

Additionally, self-defence can provide a number of other benefits beyond just protection, such as increased confidence, improved physical fitness, and a greater sense of discipline and focus. Overall, learning self-defence is a valuable skill that can benefit individuals in many different aspects of their lives.


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#Svaraksha kala is the art of self-defence.

course for self-defence

Object of our course is the teaching easiest & effective, self-defence techniques & tactics, and is aimed at both civilian, operators, security & law enforcement. The course is suitable for all, with no restrictions in terms of age, sex & does not require any previous experience in martial arts or combat sports.

Course for fighters

The svarakshakala training course is based on street fighting & combat techniques, self-defence & training for personal guards, PSO. 

course for kids

The antibullying and self-respect course for children & kids aged b/w 7 & 14 years.

Level & Exams

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Level & Exams

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Our Team

Ankit Sharma

Head Instructor & Self-Defence Expert

Vishvjeet Singh

Strength & fitness Instructor

Ankita Singh

Female self-defence  instructor

Simant Rai

Movement & mobility instructor

Dr. Surya Pratap Singh

Health & wellness instructor

Our clients

Dr. saurav sengar
Prince Yadav
Ravi Tiwari
Shikha Agrawal
Rishika Dixit

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